D.I.Y traffic leash

June 15, 2006

My boy Owen is turning into a handsome typical teenager. Rebeliion, sex, and food is always on his mind. I find myself needing more control when a leash isn’t available. They have an invention for this call traffic leash. A brilliantly simple idea costing $20 and up.

leerburg traffic leash

Now not being one to just pony up my hard earn money (except for my *few* hobbies). I set out to find a better and most importantly cheaper alternative. Nothing is cheaper than D.I.Y. Seeing as I have too many leashes and not enough dogs to put it on. I took one of my unused leash and cut it so that there is around 8 inch left of it with a hook on one side. It worked surprisingly well although a hook for my hands would of been handy it is really not needed. So here is my boy proudly sporting his newest “tie”!!!


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