World Cup 2006

June 21, 2006

I'm not normally a soccer fan, but every 4 year around this time, I get the FIFA Fever. I stay up all night in anticipation of a game. I started drinking beer. Fashioning my hair in the latest Beckham Style. Yet, I don't even like soccer that much…


Soccer matches always provide great chance for avid photographer to take all kinds of weird a spectacular picture. No I would like to see Becjham win the world's sexiest man with this picture. 

England Vs. Sweden 2-2

Now  that wasn't too surprising though, I was expecting either a draw or Win for England. Once again England cannot defeat Sweden, but I think its a smart move for England. They will be up against Ecuador instead of Germany. Hopefully Owen will be clear to play soon, England needs him. The only game I'm interested in tommorrow is 

Netherlands Vs. Argentina
Definately rooting for Argentina baby!!!

Since the World Cup started I'm getting back into my old gambling habit. It's not an addiction, I've got it totally under control. Actually my girlfriend is… Because of my sustantial loses before in gambling I'm only betting pocket changes to increase the thrill of the game. It's still exciting to win, but way less painful too lose. I have discouver a site that lets me bet with egold. Now I can use my pocket changes from HYIP and autosurf(another form of gambling, shhhh dunt tell the lioness) to support my favorite teams. Check it out guys->


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  1. a very interesting site! im looking forward to a bit more. mark.

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